Hey!, welcome to the personal website of Favio Manriquez Leon, a web developer in all the ambiguity (and glory) of the term. I'm based in Baja California, Mexico. Currently, I'm working as a freelancer on oDesk and other places.

Besides web development, I also enjoy playing the guitar, playing video games on PC or Xbox 360, (my gamertag is Favrik), and anything interesting.

On my free time, I'm super lazy, but I fantasize about being a weekend skydiver. I have made 1 jump (tandem) so far.

My email is .


Freelance Jobs only for location independent developers

A quick project motivated by the need to only see relevant stuff. It's a very simple feed aggregator with some javascript hopefully making it more practical. Launch project.

YuPlay a youtube playlist manager, and viewer!

Premise: creating playlists at Youtube sucks! That is the main motivation for creating YuPlay, but is still a work in progress. Launch project.

NetpbmResize a PHP image resizing library

A very old code, I should say obsolete, but I don't want to hurt my feelings. I have a master plan. Someday it shall be updated! Launch project.



Creating a semi-static website with CodeIgniter ROUND 2

06 Jun 2011

I'm a bit late with this article (just about 4 months xD). The use case for a site like this is very limited and I don't think it's very common, but here's another way to... Read more

Upgrade headaches from Rails 2.3.5 to 3.0.5

15 Apr 2011

Upgrade! The guide is at Upgrading to Rails 3. An excellent guide. :) After a successful initial upgrade, you have to fix the compatibility and deprecation issues. Unobtrusive Javascript If you are using jQuery as... Read more

Must-read links for Advanced Javascript

15 Apr 2011

Currently, Javascript is big. If you have recently learned about it or already have worked on it and find that you are loving it; you will probably arrive to a situation where you need to... Read more

Rails 3 Unobtrusive Javascript not working with jQuery!

15 Mar 2011

So you started switching to Rails 3 and found out that the :remote => true option is, strangely, not working with your jQuery UJS adapter? Make sure you are using jQuery version >= 1.4.3 HTML... Read more

Preview all Pygments Styles for your code highlighting needs

22 Feb 2011

For quickly outputting all the styles (available on my system) I used: $ for i in monokai manni perldoc borland colorful default murphy vs trac tango fruity autumn bw emacs pastie friendly native; do pygmentize... Read more

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