Hey!, welcome to the personal website of Favio Manriquez Leon, a web developer in all the ambiguity (and glory) of the term. I'm based in Baja California, Mexico. Currently, I'm working as a freelancer on oDesk and other places.

Besides web development, I also enjoy playing the guitar, playing video games on PC or Xbox 360, (my gamertag is Favrik), and anything interesting.

On my free time, I'm super lazy, but I fantasize about being a weekend skydiver. I have made 1 jump (tandem) so far.

My email is .


Freelance Jobs only for location independent developers

A quick project motivated by the need to only see relevant stuff. It's a very simple feed aggregator with some javascript hopefully making it more practical. Launch project.

YuPlay a youtube playlist manager, and viewer!

Premise: creating playlists at Youtube sucks! That is the main motivation for creating YuPlay, but is still a work in progress. Launch project.

NetpbmResize a PHP image resizing library

A very old code, I should say obsolete, but I don't want to hurt my feelings. I have a master plan. Someday it shall be updated! Launch project.